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  TLS -Trifecta Vehicle Lifting Solutions Provider


Total Lifting Solutions Inc (TLS Inc) and it’s family of companies are dedicated to fulfilling our customers every vehicle lifting need. From car dealerships, to Public Transit to the home car enthusiast; TLS Inc. provides the ultimate in high quality and innovative lifting solutions. Our underlying goal is to provide superior technology that is durable and low maintenance at prices that deliver maximum value to our customers.

TLS Inc. began in 2004 with a management team each with over twenty five years of lift industry experience. Using Asian partners combined with local engineering and design resources, TLS Inc. entered the market with competitive light truck and passenger car lifts that were modified to suit North American Standards for commercial lifts. TLS Inc. very soon became the approved private label supplier to North America’s largest wheel service equipment manufacturer.

The Liftsupertore Inc. was created to provide the growing number of car enthusiasts with a complete selection of lifting products designed for residential parking and repair purposes. Once again Asian sourced products were modified to meet many of the same standards that the comparable commercial products are built to. The Liftsuperstore Inc was the first to market lifting solutions from a “retail store” format with a large showroom offering comparable prices with the “low cost” internet sellers

In 2011, TLS Inc. and Omer spa from Mirano Italy, formed a joint venture company called Karliftsolutions by Omer North America. This alliance created an established North American base of operations for Omer’s extensive Heavy Duty Bus and Truck lifts. Our major North American customers could now call on TLS Inc. for their complete lifting requirements no matter what the application. Omer already had 25 years of history successfully selling their products in the North American market.

Karliftsolutions by Omer focuses on specialized applications that require up to 52 tons capacity with runways over 15 meters long. The pubic sector transit and public works facilities are a large part of their business. Applications also include military, waste management, and mining. Using Omer’s 35 years of experience and extensive engineering resources, applications can be custom designed to match the customers unique requirements.

TLS Inc. and it’s family of specialized lifting solution divisions, combine to offer the industries most comprehensive selection of lifting applications in the industry. TLS Inc. is a member in good standing of the Automotive Lift Institute and participates in the certification of many of their products. The Liftsuperstore Inc. is a long standing member of the Better Business Bureau. Omer North America’s products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and sold in numerous countries around the world.