9,000 Lb. (4t) Quatro 9 Heavy Duty Taller and Wider Stacker

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“Quatro” Stacker – Our ALI Certified Storage Lift


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  • Low maintenance problem free design – 72.5” (1842mm) stroke 3” (76.2mm) diameter high pressure cylinder mounted under runway with prestressed 3/8” / 9.5mm lifting cables and 4” / 102mm steel pulleys. Tough wheel-a brator finished steel structure with premium double bake finish.
  • Built & Tested to Commercial Safety Standards – 3rd party tested by M.E.T laboratories to meet or exceed the ANSI/ALI ALCTV 2017 Standard. Single point automatic “deadman” safety with adjustable locking ladders. • Premium accessories are included with each lift – each lift comes equipped with a removable “caster” wheel kit, three (3) steel drip and drain pans and one (1) HD steel jacking tray. A 3,500 lb / 1.6T hydraulic jacking beam, aluminum approach ramps and centre runway storage panels are available as options.
  • Residential compatible energy efficient power units available in either 2HP 220v 11 amp or 1HP 110v 15 amp.
  • Flexible vehicle loading – low to the floor 4.3” / 111mm deck height with low angle removable approach ramps accommodates exotic sports cars and vehicles with low clearance ground effects. Runways 18.7” / 475mm wide. The overall width between the outside of the runways is 74 7/8” (1900mm) & 80 3/4”(2054mm).
  • Premium North American Components – North American made Monarch (Bucher) power unit, 3/8” / 9.5mm lifting cables, cylinders and hoses. • No Wheel Base Restriction – Runways and columns are reinforced so that all wheel base vehicles can be lifted at the rated capacity. • More models to chose from – 8,000 lb. (3.6T) or 9,000 lb. (4T) capacities with lifting heights of either 77 1/4” (1962mm) or 84 3/4” (2153mm). Runways are 165-3/8” (4201mm) or 180-1/2”(4585mm) long. Power units available in high efficiency 220v single phase

Portable Steel Jacking Tray

Removable Caster Wheels

3 Steel Drip & Drain Trays

Wedge Anchors & Shims

Diamond Plate Steel Ramps

Adjustable Locking Ladders

Automatic Cable Break Lock

Reinforced Runways

Double Bake Powder Coat

Lightweight 36” or 49” Aluminum Ramps

3,500 lb. (1.6T) Sliding Scissor Jack

4,500 lb. (2.0T) Sliding Scissor Jack

Removeable center platforms

4,400 lb. (2T) Double Air Bag Jack

Power Unit 90 Degree Mounting

Feature 9K REGULAR
Capacity 9,000 lbs / 4T
Overall Length with Ramps 222-1/4” (5645mm)
Runway Length 180-1/2” (4585mm)
Front to Rear Outside Columns 184-1/2” (4686mm)
F/R Inside Columns 172-1/2” (4382mm)
F/R Outside Column Baseplates 190-1/2” (4839mm)
Approach Ramp Length 36-1/2” (927mm)
Width Between Runways 43-1/2” (1105mm)
Runway Width 18-3/4” (476mm)
Width Outside Runways 80-3/4” (2051mm)
Overall Width (no Power Unit) 109-1/2” (2781mm)
Column Height 94-1/4” (2394mm)
Runway Height 4-1/4” (108mm)
Lifting Height 4 3/4” (120mm) ~ 84 3/4” (2152mm)
Max. Clearance (Under Runway) 80” (2032mm)
Drive Thru Clearance (vehicle parked under runway) 100-1/4” (2550mm)
Drive Thru Clearance (vehicle parked on runways ) 96-1/4” (2445mm)
Accessories Included Casterwheels, 3 steel drip/drain trays and 1 steel jacking tray, 4 removable wheel stops, steel approach ramps
ALI Approved Mechanical Locking System Standard on all Models
Power Requirement 110V / 60Hz / 1Ph. – 15 amp. Or 230V / 60Hz / 1Ph – 11 amp
Shipping Weight 1850 lb. / 839 kg

Quatro 8 Standard Stacker

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