7,700 lb. (3.5t) Dual Scissor Low Profile Capacity Lift



  • Compact design - rugged construction
  • Small foot print takes up less bay space while still allowing best in class weight capacities.
  • Versatility and ease of use
  • Ideal for small compact cars up to light duty trucks with pull out extensions allowing ease of use on short or long wheelbase vehicles.
  • Volumeric control stays level all the time Thanks to single cylinder with dual chamber, unit stays level all the time.
  • Lower maintinance - less downtime No Electronic sensors , No equalization valve, Extra-large pins with accessible grease fittings makes this ideal equipment for high duty cycle shops who require less downtime.
  • Built for safety
  • 21 locking positions ensure side
  • to side stability and eliminates accidental lowering of the lift.
  • Unobstructed access
  • Open front and rear construction with no tire bars or torsion rods allows for unobstructed access to the underside of most vehicles with 31.6”/ 800mm of working area between the superstructures.
  • Easy vehicle spotting
  • The flat deck platform and
  • “spotting blocks” allows quick set-up by the operator increasing bay productivity.
  • Low profile approach ramps or flush mount options
  • The low profile ramp extensions allow for accessibility of smaller compact cars while still allowing for heavier loads. The lift can also be flush mounted for the ultimate in productivity and space saving bay
Capacity 7,700 lbs. / 3.5T
Overall Length - Surface Mount 82.7” / 2100mm
Overall Length - Flush Mount 83.3”/ 2115mm
Overall Width 80” / 2030mm
Width Between Runways 31.6 / 800mm
Deck Width 24.2” / 615mm
Lowered Height 4.3” / 110mm
Raised Height 73.2” / 1860mm
Lifting Time 43 seconds"
Power Requirements 230 Volts - 60 Hz - 1 PH - 20amp
Shipping Weight 2,550 lbs. / 1.3T
Dual Scissor TLSS75LP1
ALI certified - Gold Label yes