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TLS Lifts Introduces Two New Single Post Residential Lifts

By September 4, 201919,971 Comments

The CAR VALET  is a single post portable frame engaging lift ideal for the hobby car enthusiast. At 6,000 lb. (2.7T) capacity, CAR VALET lifts 76.75” ( 1.9M). The adjustable telescoping arms can be extended to fit most cars and light trucks. The CAR VALET has an industrial pallet jack that allows it to be easily moved around on a level floor. CAR VALET is available in 110V or 220v power supply.

PARK MAGIC is single post ramp style 6,000 lb. (2.7T) capacity parking storage lift that requires only 152” (3.9M) x 80.2” (2M) of floor space. The lifts rise to provide 78.75” (2M) of clearance under the runways. PARK MAGIC operates with a 208V AMP power supply and has 16 mechanical locking positions. PAR MAGIC requires very little maintenance and has no cables or pulleys. For further information go to