May 2018

New Product Announcements

TLS is proud to announce the introd uction of two exciting new products. The new two post 20,000 lb. capacity symmetric lift and the 15,000 lb. four post “Open Front” alignment lift have been tested by M.E.T. laboratories and we are awaiting ALI certification. Both products are 100% made in North America and use premium Monarch (Bucher) power units.

The new TLS220 series two post comes standard with 199 1/2” high single piece columns however the lift can be ordered with the overall height custom made to suit the ceiling height available. The lift has air release mechanical locks and comes with an air regulator water trap oiler standard. Drop in style raised height adapters are provided.

The TLS415 series Open Front Design four post alignment lift uses patented “Camber Neutral” technology. This allows the operator to adjust the front lifting arms and maintain precise alignment level. Rapid wear and sagging of the arms and front columns has been an ongoing complaint that TLS was determined to eliminate.

Just like the entire family of quality TLS alignment lifts the new 15,000 lb. Open Front comes with a myriad of options and accessories. To reduce maintenance front radius plates and rear slip plates can be ordered in stainless steel. To improve productivity runway works steps, built in inflation hoses and built in LED lighting can be added. Premium European 7,500 lb. capacity jacking beams with a five year parts warranty can also be added.

For more details on both of these products please call 877-799-LIFT.

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