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New “HA Series” Light Duty Jacking Beams from AC Jack

By May 2, 201915,709 Comments

We are pleased to announce the addition of the new “HA” series of economy priced AC jacking beams from Denmark. They are designed for light-duty car and truck applications and are available in 6,000lb. and 7,000lb. capacities. Although they have many of the same features as the popular “HD Series” jacks, they come with a one (1) year parts warranty so that they can remain competitively priced with low cost Asian made jacking beams.

Total Automotive Lifting Solutions Inc. has always strived to provide high-quality options and accessories for their North American made four post and scissor alignment lifts. Jacking beams have always required more maintenance and repair because of the nature of their use. It is our belief that you would have the ideal alignment lift if you could provide a durable long lasting jacking beam and eliminate constant maintenance with radius and rear slip plates.

Most standard air/hydraulic jacking beams are adversely affected by wet and contaminated compressed air supplies, corrosion from winter road salt to structural components and the constant wear to the suspension system and track rollers. To address these issues four years ago TLS went to AC Jack in Denmark and began importing the Premium “HD Series” of car and light truck jacking beams. This has continued to be a very successful product.

All AC jacks use air hydraulics pumps that are impervious to dirt and water contamination. Their stainless steel suspensions and track rollers are virtually maintenance free and the telescoping arms and adapters are all nickel plated to prevent corrosion. The HD jack is so durable that it is backed by an unprecedented five (5) year parts warranty. The “HD Series” continues to be available in 6,000lb., 7,000lb., 7,500lb., 8,000lb. and 9,000lb. capacities.

New “HA” Series Jacking Beams / TLSRJ6000 & 7,000HA


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